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Riding For The Brand

Rawhide's Rules to Live By

Riding for the brand is a series of, easy to read, western adventures

that teach an important biblical value in every episode.

It all started with a rowdy Sunday School class full of bored and overactive students who were tired of class as usual.   I was asked to help in the class and what started as an attempt to get the class under control has grown into an exciting series featuring our favorite orphan cowboy, "Rawhide".  

Each episode is a story from Rawhide's colorful life and describes a valuable life lesson based upon a biblical value taught in the Bible.   It's an engaging adventure that will take young and old readers alike on a journey through the rough and tough wild west of 1893.  The series begins with Rawhide as an orphan boy in Montana where he meets Wilfred Ewe, cattle boss and owner of the LC Ranch.   

The series is broken into 12 episodes, each one teaching a valuable life lesson. It is accompanied by a Bible verse that highlights a specific biblical value introduced in the story.  In addition to the story there is a fun and interactive worksheet that engages readers and helps them incorporate the Godly principle into their daily lives.

It's perfect for anyone with children wanting a new and creative way to teach Godly principles that will last a lifetime.  Our goal is to make them affordable and get them into the hands of as many kids as possible.

We are, as Paul states in Acts 18:3-4, "tentmakers".  Our goal is to provide outstanding Literature, Products, Horses, Cattle and Border Collies to individuals in our community and abroad, thereby supporting the ministry God has called us to.  Our next ministry is to begin reaching out to young men and women on the edge.  These are individuals that if influenced positively can avoid gangs, drugs, and ultimately prison.  We felt called in Montana to reach out to these unreached kids so we moved our entire operation to SE Michigan where we can have more direct involvement and a greater impact.  Rest assured that the money you invest is going to a Christ centered organization whose goal is to reach more people for Christ. 

Episode One: Muddy Makeover 

Battling bullies is a way of life for young Rusty Randall. His life was shattered when death came knocking to the door of his families Montana ranch. Forced to live in an orphanage, the life he knew was over. That is, until an old cowboy named Wilfred Ewe rode in. Rusty's life was about to change forever. Your heart will glow as you read the power of Wilfred's words of wisdom. Experience the impact they have on an angry young boy, just looking for a reason why. God's words are powerful and He works in mysterious ways.

Latest Episode

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What Our Readers Are Saying

Real customers giving their honest opinions.
Lydia - Age 7

"I really liked the story and learning about God's rules to live by."

Jerem - Age 11

"It was a lot of fun reading a story about boys my age. I can't wait for the next adventure.  It was so fun and exciting."

Dana - Homeschooling Mom

"A great captivating story. I wanted to make sure I had the right rule to live by, my son rattled it right off and told me what verse to go to.  It's been amazing to watch him grow spiritually."

Peggy - Grandmother

It covers everything I want to teach my grandchildren. I love that it's done through a ranch setting. It's different and they listen. Can't wait for the next story/lesson.

News From The Ranch

The Risher family stopped by for a little taste of Nonnie's Banana Bread and to review Episode One.  We know absolutely nothing about producing a good video so we hope you enjoy it.   I was amazed at what I heard and encouraged that we're on the right track.  Happy Trails Everyone!  

Episode One: Book Review

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Episode Two: The Road Less Traveled

Coming Soon!