The Lord's Land & Cattle Company

About Us

The Lord's Land & Cattle Company was a dream founded on Psalm 50:10-11 from which we learned that everything in the world is God's and we are just His stewards.  This land is a refuge for those seeking peace and solitude from the busyness that has become modern life.  Our God has blessed us as caretakers, just like the early morning sun warms the earth we hope this ranch warms your life as well.  From the missionary seeking a quiet place to reflect and recharge, to the wedding party looking for that country setting to celebrate their union, we hope this place adds something to your life too.  In everything we do we strive to give glory to God.  May this simple country setting remind you, as it does us, that God is good, and He is good all the time!

James 1:17

Our Mission

To bring peace and comfort to a world full of suffering by providing a safe environment

for people to rest from the worries of everyday life.  Our latest focus will be ministering to "kids on the edge."   At heart these are kids have a desire to be more than their surroundings.  They are often times surrounded by drugs, alcohol, gangs and other social  pressures that push them down a path that often leads to disaster.  The ranch offers them a lifeline, pulling them from a world that seeks to drag them down and pointing them to the only One who can lift them up.  We want to equip them with skills they can take into the workplace that will enable them to succeed where others fail.  One of my favorite quotes sums it up " there's nothing better for the inside of a man, than the outside of a horse."

We Are "Tent Makers"

We aren't a church or a non-profit, we are tent makers as described by Paul in Acts 18:1-4.  We support this ranch through the sale of our Beef, Border Collies and Quarter Horses and now "Riding for the Brand".  We've started a new series called "Rawhide's Rules to Live By" which is a fictional story about an orphan growing up in 1893 and learning the lessons of life from God's word and an old cowboy named Wilfred.  It is an exciting adventure for young and old alike.  It's tailored to young readers and parents looking for new and creative ways to teach Biblical values to their children.  For more information about this project click on Rawhide Series.